Introducing The Team at James R. Holley & Associates

JRH is comprised of many talented surveyors, engineers, planners, and administrators that make up a comprehensive team that's ready to serve your needs. We understand the time-sensitive nature of many of our requests and have the utmost respect for our customers' time. Below are some of the friendly faces that you'll become familiar with while working with us. If you would like to contact one of our team members, please give us call or use our convenient contact form and we will do our best to get you the answers you need as soon as possible.


Jeff Spangler P.E. - Leadership Team, Engineer

Jeff Spangler P.E.
President / Project Engineer

Jason Brenneman P.E. - Leadership Team - Engineer

Jason Brenneman P.E.
Vice President / Project Engineer

Dena Heiland - Leadership, Administrator

Dena Heiland
Vice President / Admin. Assistant


Chad Kehew P.E. - Design

Chad Kehew P.E.
Project Engineer

Dave Lipinski P.E. - Design

Dave Lipinski P.E.
Project Engineer

Dennis Sarpen P.E. - Design

Dennis Sarpen
Project Designer

Blaine Markel - Design

Blaine Markel
Project Designer

Patti Fisher - Design

Patti Fisher
Project Designer

Jim Holley - Design Team

Jim Holley


Dave Simpson P.L.S - Survey Team

Dave Simpson P.L.S
Chief of Survey

Sam Becker - Survey Team

Sam Becker

Office Support

Barb McKenzie

Barb McKenzie