Surveyors, Engineers, Planners
James R. Holley & Associates, Inc. of York, PA

Looking for surveyors or related professionals? James R. Holley & Associates is proud to serve York County and the surrounding South Central PA Communities with top quality surveying, civil engineering and planning services

 Surveyors - James R. Holley & Associates uses state of the art surveying equipment like this transit with GPS for surveying property in York County PA
At James R. Holley & Associates, our reputation is based on the performance of our surveyors, engineers, and planners. We pride ourselves on being large enough to accept the most challenging assignments, but small enough to be responsive to your needs. Whether you need assistance planning for a new fence, or are planning an entire development, We have the professional staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and industry experience to get the job done right. The JRH team understands that our existence is dependent upon maintaining the goodwill and satisfaction of our clients. Contact us today for your surveying, civil engineering or planning projects. We are ready to meet your needs.